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About Us

Santa Rosa Produce, LLC places tremendous value on working together as a team. We have adopted policies and programs that promote long-term relationships that have resulted in high employee retention.

Larry Pearson

Larry Pearson is a third generation grower. Larry has established a reputation for integrity and innovation. He is credited with introducing eco-friendly drip irrigation and fertilization into a substantial portion of the land that Santa Rosa Produce farms. Today, Larry farms over 8,000 acres of rich fertile farmland and ships produce throughout North America. He can often be seen walking the fields, inspecting the crops and maintains close working relationships with his employees.

Cindi Pearson
  Managing Member

Cindi manages the harvesting, cooling and shipping operations. Cindi over-sees the daily operations of the company including coordinating harvesting and sales. She constantly challenges her team to find new and innovative solutions. She has worked to build Santa Rosa into a company that is known for their excellence, quality and service.

Estella Garcia
Director of Administration and Food Safety

Estella has been with Santa Rosa Produce for over 15 years. Her responsibilities span a wide range, including staff management, farm management, and sales support. Estella directs the daily functions of the farm as well as accounting, shipping and sales. She has established and maintained Santa Rosa’s food safety program. She has worked with Primus Labs during audits earning only the highest scores. Anyone that has worked with Estella appreciates her efficiency and attention to customer service.

Jennifer Garcia
Office Manager

Jennifer has been with Santa Rosa since 1998. She manages all of the shipping procedures and maintains the company’s safety records. She is also responsible for documenting tractor maintenance. Jennifer is helpful and beneficial to the company’s record keeping and overall administrative performance. Her dedication and positive attitude have made her a well appreciated member of our team.




Joe Larca
Superintendant of Field and Cooler Operations

Joe Larca started with Santa Rosa in 1991. He is very knowledgeable in equipment, mechanics and supervises all maintenance. He is responsible for and maintains our high standards for handling and cooling melons. Joe’s hard work and commitment are one of the reasons our melons are highly sought after by retailers and produce buyers.

Marcos Galaviz
Director of Harvesting and Quality Control

Marcos has been harvesting and supervising quality control for the past 30 years. Before starting with Santa Rosa in 1997, he traveled to many different countries including Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama. Marcos is responsible for managing the harvest, from the timing of the last water to a perfect melon in every box. Marcos supervises quality control. Marcos has proven to be a valuable and loyal team member.