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Ranch Team

Joe Larca
Superintendant of Field and Cooler Operations

Joe Larca started with Santa Rosa in 1991. He is very knowledgeable in equipment, mechanics and supervises all maintenance. He is responsible for and maintains our high standards for handling and cooling melons. Joe’s hard work and commitment are one of the reasons our melons are highly sought after by retailers and produce buyers.

Josh Knorr
Manager of Equipment and Maintenance

Josh has been with Santa Rosa for the last ten years. He maintains all equipment and machinery used in farming and in harvesting, including inventing new and improved machinery and updating existing equipment. Josh is also in charge of our fruit ripening and ethylene program. His brilliance in finding solutions to impossible situations has proven to be a great asset to our company.

Richard Garcia
Manager of Field Operations

Richard Garcia has worked for the company since 1985, when Santa Rosa was located in the Yuma Arizona area. Richard has helped the company implement drip irrigation practices. Consequently, Santa Rosa has emerged as one of the biggest melon drip irrigation operations in the United States. Richard excels at organizing and managing the irrigation which makes him essential in maintaining our high quality of fruit.

Marcos Galaviz
Director of Harvesting and Quality Control

Marcos has been harvesting and supervising quality control for the past 30 years. Before starting with Santa Rosa in 1997, he traveled to many different countries including Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama. Marcos is responsible for managing the harvest, from the timing of the last water to a perfect melon in every box. Marcos supervises quality control. Marcos has proven to be a valuable and loyal team member.